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In the vast world of Internet sensations, there is one furry celebrity who stands out with her striking gaze and hilarious expressions – Nala Cat, the most followed cat on Instagram. With over 4.5 million followers and counting, this cross-eyed beauty has captured the hearts of people worldwide with her iconic tongue-hanging-out looks and meme-worthy antics.

Nala’s massive fame and popularity stem from her undeniably adorable yet comical appearance. Her signature cross-eyed stare and penchant for sticking out her tongue make for endlessly entertaining photos and videos that have gone viral again and again. In an online world obsessed with cat content, Nala has risen to become the queen of feline influencers and an icon of Internet meme culture.

But Nala is more than just a cute Instagram star [@nala_cat]. Her journey from an ordinary rescue cat to a world-famous celebrity is a true rags-to-riches story. And behind the scenes, her family has leveraged Nala’s stardom to make a positive impact, supporting animal welfare causes and raising awareness for pet adoption.

Meet Nala Cat: the Instagram star with a ton of fo – tymoff; Why is Nala famous?

At the heart of Nala’s immense Instagram fame is her utterly unique and hilarious appearance. From the moment she was adopted, her owners noticed her striking cross-eyed gaze and frequent tongue-hanging-out expression. These quirky characteristics make Nala appear permanently surprised or confused, with an adorably derpy look that’s simply irresistible.

As Nala’s family started sharing photos of her on Instagram, her one-of-a-kind expressions quickly went viral, attracting millions of followers who couldn’t get enough of her meme-worthy faces. Her popularity only continued to soar as people discovered her comedic timing in videos, where she often seems befuddled yet blissfully unaware.

Beyond her looks, Nala’s fame is amplified by the sheer popularity and shareability of cat content across the Internet. Felines have become the undisputed stars of meme culture and social media, with accounts featuring cute kitty photos and videos racking up millions of likes, shares, and followers. As one of the most unique-looking and inadvertently hilarious cats around, Nala was destined to become an Instagram sensation.

Meet Nala Cat: the Instagram star with a ton of fo – tymoff; Journey of an ordinary cat to stardom

Meet Nala Cat the Instagram star with a ton of fo – tymoff; Journey of an ordinary cat to stardom

Nala may be an Internet superstar today, but she started out as an ordinary shelter cat looking for a forever home. It was pure chance that brought her into the lives of owners Pookie and Varisiri, who instantly fell in love with her quirky cross-eyed look and immediately knew she was special.

In 2012, the newly adopted Nala was just a kitten in need of a loving family. Little did her owners know that merely by setting up an Instagram account to share photos of their adorable new pet, they had embarked on a path to unimaginable stardom for their cross-eyed cat.

As Nala’s account @nala_cat steadily gained traction, her hilarious expressions and blissfully derpy demeanor struck a chord with people around the world. What started as a fun way to share Nala with friends and family rapidly exploded into a viral phenomenon and an immense social media following.

Over the years, Nala’s fame grew to incredible heights:

  • 2015: Featured by major media outlets like Buzzfeed and Mashable
  • 2017: Amassed over 2 million Instagram followers
  • 2018: Released her own book “Nala’s World” and launched a merchandise line
  • 2020: Set the Guinness World Record for most popular cat on Instagram

From humble beginnings in a shelter, Nala went on an unbelievable journey to become one of the most famous cats in the world, buoyed by her one-of-a-kind look and the incredibly shareability of her hilarious content.

Meet Nala Cat: the Instagram star with a ton of fo – tymoff with a Guinness World Record

In 2020, Nala’s immense popularity culminated in an official world record title. With over 4 million followers at the time, the famous cross-eyed cat earned the Guinness World Record for being the most popular cat on Instagram.

To qualify for this record, Nala had to meet strict requirements:

  • Have the highest number of followers of any cat-centric account
  • Maintain an active account posting new content regularly
  • Request verification directly from Guinness World Records

As of June 2020 when the record was awarded, Nala’s Instagram had over 4.3 million followers. This milestone was a defining achievement, solidifying Nala as the supreme queen of feline influencers on the platform.

“We’re incredibly proud of Nala and grateful for the support of her millions of fans around the world who helped make this possible,” said Varisiri, Nala’s owner.

In true Instagram star fashion, Nala celebrated the record in style with a glamorous photoshoot, red carpet, and her very own Guinness World Record certificate and medal.

Even as other celebrity pet accounts continue growing, Nala maintains her standing as the most followed cat on Instagram, pushing her world record even further with each new fan. As of April 2024, her follower count sits at an astonishing 4.8 million and climbing.

Meet Nala Cat: the Instagram star with a ton of fo – tymoff; who is behind?

Meet Nala Cat the Instagram star with a ton of fo – tymoff; who is behind

While Nala is undoubtedly the star of the show, the family and team behind this famous feline deserve plenty of credit for her unprecedented success and positive impact. It all started with owners Pookie and Varisiri, the two individuals who first adopted Nala from a shelter in 2012.

Instantly smitten by Nala’s unique cross-eyed appearance, Pookie and Varisiri created an Instagram account to share photos of their beloved new cat with friends and family. As Nala’s follower count rapidly exploded into the millions, her owners made the transition from simply posting for fun to managing a global phenomenon.

Today, Nala’s day-to-day care and Instagram presence is a family effort between Pookie, Varisiri, and their relatives. From capturing her hysterical antics on camera to cultivating her merchandise lines and partnerships, Nala’s humans work tirelessly to juggle her career with giving her a normal, loving home life.

“At the end of the day, she’s still our pet and we love her for her goofy self,” Pookie shared. “Her happiness comes first, no matter how famous she gets.”

The Nala Cat operation has also grown to include a small team helping with brand deals, promotions, and managing her rabidly engaged fanbase across Instagram and other platforms. With millions of fans worldwide, Pookie, Varisiri and their team are committed to delivering more hilarious, heartwarming Nala content every single day.

What impact does Nala’s Instagram account have?

While Nala’s claim to fame may be her endlessly shareable funny faces, her incredible popularity has enabled so much more than just entertainment and laughs. With a following rivaling that of major human celebrities, Nala Cat wields serious influence and the ability to make a powerful positive impact in the world.

First and foremost, Nala brightens the days of her millions of loyal fans and followers by providing consistent joy and laughter through her content. Her amusing expressions and meme-worthy moments spread happiness and bring smiles to people’s faces no matter where they are in the world.

More importantly, Nala’s immense reach and platform gives her the ability to:

  • Raise awareness for pet adoption and animal rescue organizations
  • Advocate for animal rights and ethical treatment of pets
  • Drive product sales and lucrative brand partnerships
  • Inspire people to foster rescue cats and provide loving homes

Through initiatives like promoting adoption stories, fundraising for shelters, and collaborating with animal welfare brands, Nala makes a tangible difference for cats and other pets in need. The “Nala Effect” can also been seen in heartwarming moments when fans share stories of adopting their own rescue cats inspired by Nala’s origin story.

Beyond just her causes, Nala has evolved into a thriving business and full-fledged brand thanks to her notoriety and appeal. Her success extends to:

  • A best-selling book “Nala’s World”
  • An extensive apparel and merchandise line
  • Lucrative media deals, sponsorships and partnerships
  • Meme fame and widespread Internet virality

Nala Cat supports animal shelters and is raising awareness for the welfare of other animals

Nala Cat supports animal shelters and is raising awareness for the welfare of other animals

While bringing smiles to millions is fantastic, one of Nala’s biggest impacts is using her massive platform to support animal welfare causes and raise awareness for pet adoption and rescue organizations. Her own story of being adopted from a shelter motivates her family to pay it forward.

Some of the key initiatives and causes supported by Nala Cat include:

Fundraising for Animal Shelters

  • Portion of all merchandise profits donated to shelters
  • Special promotions and campaigns for fundraising drives
  • In 2022, raised over $100,000 for the ASPCA

Promoting Pet Adoption Stories

  • Sharing heartwarming adoption tales from fans
  • Encouraging followers to choose adoption over purchasing from breeders
  • Partnering with rescue organizations to help cats find homes

Collaborating with Animal Welfare Brands

  • Co-branded product lines with a portion of sales donated
  • Sponsored posts and campaigns spreading positive messaging
  • Relationships with brands like PetSmart, Blue Buffalo, and more

Nala also uses her fame to advocate for general animal rights and ethical pet ownership. Her family works to educate her followers on responsible pet parenting, microchipping, spaying/neutering and other important initiatives.

The “Nala Effect” has inspired countless fans to foster or adopt rescue cats of their own after seeing her heartwarming success story. Fans frequently share their adopted cat photos and tag Nala, creating a supportive community.

“We’re so grateful to have this platform to make a positive difference for animals,” said Varisiri. “Nala’s humble start reminds us to use her fame for good.”

Meet Nala Cat: the Instagram star with a ton of fo – tymoff, the brand owner

From a single Instagram account run for fun, Nala Cat has grown into a booming global brand and full-fledged business. With immense fame and over 4.8 million followers, managing Nala’s career is now a major operation.

At the center of the “Nala” empire is Nala’s own parent company, Nala Cat Incorporated. This business handles:

  • Production and sales of the Nala Cat product line
  • Book releases, media deals, and promotional partnerships
  • Brand marketing, advertising, and social media growth
  • Intellectual property rights, trademarks, and licensing

The Nala Cat product line alone is a massive business success story, spanning:

  • Apparel: T-shirts, hoodies, hats, accessories and more
  • Books: The best-selling “Nala’s World” and future releases
  • Plush Toys: Huggable stuffed animal versions of Nala
  • Home Goods: Blankets, pillows, mugs, and other themed items
  • Pet Products: Beds, bowls, toys, treats and accessories

With new merchandise and offerings introduced frequently, the Nala Cat brand shows no signs of slowing down. Major retail partners include PetSmart, Amazon, and Hot Topic.

The business operation also includes agents, marketing teams, designers, e-commerce staff and other professionals helping to expand Nala’s growing empire. However, Pookie and Varisiri remain extremely hands-on, personally approving all products and partnerships.

While Nala’s family is now running a multi-million dollar enterprise, they remain committed to prioritizing Nala’s happiness as a beloved house pet first. As her brand continues rising, they hope to inspire other cat owners to consider the amazing potential of their pets.

Through a wonderful combination of Nala’s undeniable charisma, her family’s perseverance, and fans’ unwavering support, this Instagram superstar went from an ordinary shelter cat to ruling an incredible brand empire—all while changing lives through animal advocacy along the way.


Nala Cat’s incredible journey from an ordinary shelter kitten to the most popular feline on Instagram is truly the epitome of a rags-to-riches story. Her unmistakable cross-eyed looks and hilarious expressions captured the hearts of millions worldwide, launching her into unprecedented stardom. Behind the memes and merchandise is a loving family committed to using Nala’s massive platform for good – supporting animal welfare, promoting pet adoption, and most importantly, making the world smile daily.

As Nala’s ever-growing empire of fans, products, and partnerships continues defying expectations, one thing remains constant: her ability to brighten everyone’s day with her adorably derpy self. This remarkable cat has shown that with perseverance, compassion, and one incredibly iconic tongue-hanging-out look, even a shelter cat can achieve global fame and positively impact countless lives along the way.

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