Naked And Afraid Last One Standing 2023 Winner Came Down To Five Powerful Men

In the intense world of survival challenges, few tests push the limits of mental and physical endurance quite like Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” spin-off series, “Last One Standing.” This grueling season took the concept of being stripped of all resources and luxuries to a whole new level. 

The rules were simple yet brutal: a group of the show’s toughest all-star competitors were dropped into the unforgiving Oribi Gorge of South Africa with nothing but their wits and willpower. 

No contests, no teams – just an individual battle to see who could outlast everyone else by not quitting or requiring a medical evacuation. The last person standing would claim the prized title and a hefty cash reward.

Meet the Final Five Powerful Men

Meet the Final Five Powerful Men

From an initially stacked field of 14 elite survivalists, the competition was slowly whittled down to an impressive final five men. These were the powerhouse competitors who displayed the most remarkable grit, resourcefulness, and mental fortitude to make it to the grand finale stage:

Waz Addy – The Extraction Specialist

With years of experience as a wilderness guide and instructor, Waz brought a deep well of bush knowledge and skills to the challenge. His expertise in evading danger and executing strategic retreats made him a constant threat.

Jeff Zausch – The Indomitable Force

Fan-favorite Jeff had proven himself to be an unstoppable survivor across multiple “Naked and Afraid” challenges. His sheer determination and positive mindset helped him power through even the toughest situations.

Steven Fowler – The Primal Practitioner

Steven’s intimate understanding of primal living, foraging, and primitive skills gave him a clear edge in this bare-bones environment. His calm focus was a consistent asset.

Dan Borelli – The Survival Renaissance Man

With a diverse background ranging from martial arts to sailing, Dan brought a versatile skillset and fierce competitive drive to the contest. His resilience was unquestioned.

Gary Winthrop – The Montana Marvel

As an expert hunter and outdoorsman from the rugged wilderness of Montana, Gary’s familiarity with living off the land made him a powerhouse competitor not to be underestimated.

The Merciless Challenges They Faced

From the moment the final five set foot in Oribi Gorge, they were besieged by a gauntlet of brutal survival tests:

  • Scorching Heat: Daytime temperatures routinely soared well above 100°F (38°C), sapping energy and demanding frequent hydration.
  • Raging Storms: The wet season brought battering rainstorms, flash floods, and relentless humidity that soaked their only shelter – their bare skin.
  • Dangerous Terrain: Between jagged rock faces, dense foliage, treacherous river crossings, and the ever-present threat of deadly snakes and predators, the geography itself was an extreme adversary.
  • Hunger/Thirst: With no provided food or water, every meal and sip had to be painstakingly sourced, hunted, or collected from the wild.
  • Psychological Warfare: Total isolation and the sheer magnitude of the challenge inflicted a heavy mental toll, testing their emotional resolve.

Tackling this onslaught of convict conditions while completely naked and alone would be the ultimate trial of mind over body.

Powerful Survival Strategies of the Finalists

Powerful Survival Strategies of the Finalists

To make it deep into this beast of a competition required incredible survival intelligence and strategic prowess:

  • Primitive Skills Mastery: From fire-crafting and shelter construction to tool-making and foraging, these men displayed an expert grasp of essential ancient techniques.
  • Water Procurement: Locating and securing reliable water sources was a top priority, with innovative methods like digging wells and collecting morning condensation.
  • Calorie Calculations: Success hinged on maintaining a careful nutritional balance through hunting, trapping, gathering, and preserving food.
  • Psychological Conditioning: Intense situational awareness, determination, and the ability to stay level-headed under pressure proved pivotal against the relentless mental strain.
  • Strategic Positioning: Choosing defensible, sustainable sheltered camps with access to resources like firewood and food proximity was critical.

Excelling in these key areas allowed the finalists to gain a powerful foothold in the competition.

And Then There Was One – The 2023 Last One Standing Winner

After an epic 35 days of battling the elements, fatigue, loneliness, and each other, only one man was left standing tall: Waz Addy, the Extraction Specialist.

In a historic grand finale episode, the other four finalists – Jeff, Steven, Dan, and Gary – were ultimately forced to tap out one-by-one, unable to withstand the devastating toll any longer. But the tenacious Waz persevered through it all, conquering both the environment and his own limits.

His victory moment was suitably cinematic: Emerging solitary and triumphant from the dense bush, a battered but unbroken Waz reached the final extraction point. There, he gratefully accepted both the coveted “Last One Standing” crown and the $100,000 cash prize that came with it.

What Gave the Winner His Powerful Edge?

What Gave the Winner His Powerful Edge

So what key attributes allowed Waz Addy to reign supreme in the end? A few defining factors seem to separate him from the pack:

Unshakable Mental Resilience From demoralizing moments of utter depletion to persevering through searing loneliness, Waz’s ability to stay focused and optimize his mindset proved invaluable. As others faded mentally, he continually rebounded stronger.

Mastery of Fire Of all the primal skills, Waz was lauded as a virtual fire-craft wizard. His ensured access to warmth, light, deterring predators, and the all-important ability to cook food gave him a clear advantage.

Hunting/Foraging Prowess Waz’s uncanny gift for locating and procuring diverse food and water sources sustained his calorie and hydration levels even in the leanest spots. His trapping skills were remarkably innovative.

Sheltering Expertise From covered basecamps for foul weather to strategic bushcraft for evasive mobility, Waz’s makeshift shelters provided security and comfort in any scenario.

In the end, his complete mastery of these core survival fundamentals, combined with his trademark mental toughness, made Waz an unbeatable force in the”Last One Standing” arena.

How the Other Finalists Narrowly Missed Victory

While the Waz reigned supreme, the other four finalists also showcased remarkable perseverance and grit worthy of immense respect and adulation:

Jeff – The Underdog Story

Despite being a fan-favorite with incredible prior success, Jeff entered as an underdog due to a midseason knee injury that required extensive recovery. That he battled through the lingering pain and mobility issues to make the finale at all was a staggering feat of heart. Jeff’s elimination on Day 33 was met with an outpouring of support from his legions of fans energized by his incredible sportsmanship and spirit.

Steven – Outsmarted by the Environment?

Known as a brilliant naturalist and primal living expert, Steven seemed poised to thrive in the raw, primitive setting. However, he may have outmaneuvered by hyper-focusing too intensely on his strengths like foraging and animal tracking at the expense of other core skills. When his elaborate trapping efforts failed to produce, the lack of calorie intake caught up with him, forcing a tough exit on Day 28.

Dan – The Renaissance Man Runs His Course

As one of the most versatile, well-rounded survivalists with an extremely diverse background, Dan looked incredibly formidable on paper. And for a long stretch, he parlayed his adaptability into great success, from shouldering heavy calorie loads through hunting to lashing together ingenious shelters. But the endless barrage of challenges eventually overwhelmed even his impressive repertoire, leading to a respectable exit on Day 24.

Gary – When Strengths Became Weaknesses

As an avid hunter and frontiersman from the American west, Gary held a distinct edge in substantial wilderness survival ability. However, the very attributes that powered his early success may have paradoxically undermined his endurance. His Montana-forged resilience to harsh cold conditions made him underestimate the depletion caused by Oribi Gorge’s oppressive heat and humidity. Once the drastic weight loss set in around Day 18, Gary was forced to unfortunately tap out.

While they didn’t claim the ultimate glory, these four finalists still embodied the powerful resilience and perseverance that “Last One Standing 2023 winner:

The Impact and Heritage of Mahalia Jackson

While Waz Addy’s monumental achievement will be forever enshrined in “Last One Standing” lore, it’s important to also reflect on the lasting influence of the show that made this spin-off possible – Naked and Afraid.

For over a decade now, the original mega-hit survival series has inspired and captivated millions of fans with its raw, unvarnished look at the human ability to endure and adapt against all odds. The show’s popularity ushered in a new era of authentic, gritty reality programming devoid of gimmicks or soundstages.

Watching everyday people from all walks of life subjected to true desolation, armed with only their wits and resolve, tapped into something primal yet aspirational within viewers. We saw our own potential for perseverance reflected in their triumphs and struggles.

Naked and Afraid’s massive success as a ratings juggernaut spawned an entire galaxy of spin-offs like Last One Standing, XL, and Frozen that continually upped the ante on the survival challenges. But none captured the sheer desperation and individual willpower of Last One Standing’s solo format.

In conquering this latest ultimate test, Waz Addy etched his name among the elite “Naked and Afraid” icons who have become famous through their sheer force of determination and survival ability. His stunning victory furthers the franchise’s mission of demonstrating what the human spirit is capable of when pushed to its limits.

Final Words

Whether you’re a diehard “Naked and Afraid” fanatic who lived and breathed every moment of Last One Standing, or a newcomer in awe of Waz Addy’s spectacular feat, there’s no denying the sheer powerhouse ability on display this grueling season.

Waz veritably willed himself to overcome every conceivable obstacle and hardship through a potent mix of primitive expertise, tactical brilliance, and an unwavering mental engine. In doing so, he ensured his name will forever be etched into “Naked and Afraid” immortality.

But he was just one member of an incredible final five corps of powerful men who embodied the pura humanabravery and resilience at the show’s core. The narratives of Jeff’s inspirational underdog run, Steven’s application of primal mastery, Dan’s renaissance versatility, and Gary’s sheer frontier toughness will also help comprise Last One Standing’s eternal legacy.

As the dust settles on this monumental season and anticipation builds for what other all-star twists await, one truth remains clear: the survival community has been put on notice. If you aim to run with the elite wolves of endurance in the future, you’ll need to reach the same level of power as these five men from 2023.


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